3 Ways to Go Bare Faced This Summer

by on 10/06/2010

We all like to take a break from makeup now and again and brave going out with just a light film of moisturiser allowing our skin to breathe.

Well it’s not so scary after all. By following a few simple tips it’s possible to have great, clear glowing skin without any foundation.

1.    Invest in a gentle organic exfoliator for your face. Just as you would use exfoliator for your body to get it ready for the beach, use a gentle exfoliator for the face and slough off those dead skin cells. Your skin will feel smooth and exude a natural glow. Tesco’s bNatural energising organic Facial Scrub is a good option.

2.  Next pat your skin with a gentle alcohol free toner. Neal’s Yard have excellent high quality toners at affordable prices. Neals Yard Rosewater and Orange Flower water is especially good for glowing summer skin because the rose and orange properties don’t dry out the skin.

3.  Make sure you use a moisturiser with an SPF. Organic SPF moisturisers are a little hard to come by at the moment. However Badger has a SPF15 sunblock which meets very high standards.

There’s also Suki’s Tinted Moisturiser.

So dare to go bare-faced this summer! You’ll feel like a million dollars.

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