From a very young age, I’ve always had a natural curiosity about what’s good for my skin and the environment. Sudha Kaviraj of Organic Skin Treats

Growing up under a strict Indian family regime, I wasn’t allowed to experiment with makeup or apply makeup. However, I learned valuable lessons about caring for my skin in a very natural way and sought out ways to keep my skin beautiful naturally. I make sure I eat organic food and use the most natural products that are kind to my skin.

Now as an adult I do wear makeup at times but always seek out natural alternatives and my skincare routine is solely and completely organic; from cleanser to body lotion to shampoo. Shampoos have provided much of a challenge and as yet I haven’t found one that gives that all-over clean feeling and gives my hair a salon shine. Nevertheless I pride the fact that my hair is in lustrous condition and my skin looks healthy and I think it’s largely due to my fastidious natural skin care routine.

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