Affordable Organic Skincare from Tesco

by on 15/02/2010

Supermarkets are really going green with Tesco bringing out its bnatural 95% organic skincare range (Soil Association approved). At last we have organic skincare at an affordable price living up to the Tesco promise of honest, natural skincare with no nasty artificial colours and no testing on animals.

Tesco's new organic b-natural range is authentic and affordableThe organic skincare market is currently worth more than £2 million pounds. At the moment however, we seem to paying over the odds for very natural, eco-friendly products which are simply yet beautifully packaged. Tesco has shown though that organic skincare really doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective. The only other organic skincare range that seems to be reasonably priced is Weleda and perhaps Green People too but it’s nice to know that we can now pop to the supermarket when we run out of our organic cleanser and find a real organic product.

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