And my favourite Organic Cleanser is..

by on 14/01/2010

I was really happy to get a new pot of the Organic Pharmacy’s Carrot Butter Cleanser. It’s probably one of the best organic cleansers I’ve had the fortune to buy and I don’t mind paying the £30 or more for this gorgeous product.

It may not work as well on combination but on my normal verging on dry skin, this is perfect. I usually apply it at night for a special treat and feel the goodness working into my pores overnight. In the morning my skin looks radiant and feels so smooth.


Celebrities like Demi Moore, Madonna, Kylie Minogue, and Sara Jessica Parker love this cleanser. The Carrot Butter Cleanser contains no artificial preservatives, fragrances, colourants or petrochemicals; no animal ingredients and was never tested on animals so all the better for me as I’m one for raving about all skincare natural and organic.

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