Caring for your skin the Ayurvedic way

by on 12/01/2010

I was excited when I finally received my Amazon order of Anjum Anand’s Eat Right for your Body Type.

I’ve read various books hailing the virtues of Ayurveda, which is centuries old ancient science. I’ve seen various Ayurvedic doctors about minor ailments but the one that still concerns me, dare I harp on about it, is dark circles. Now contrary to what the professionals say – it’s hereditary, you don’t get enough sleep – I don’t think these apply as none of my family suffer from dark circles and I’ve never had them until last year. I also make a concerted effort to get at least more than 7 hours sleep every night.ayurvedic

I am encouraged by Anjum’s book. I’ve read various books on Ayurveda and learned the general principles of identifying my own body type, I’m still none the wiser as to what foods I should avoid.

Ayurveda is not straight forward; it is an intricate science after all. I read Bharti Vyas’s book on Ayurveda which was helpful but you know what it’s like when you read a book, you heed any advice, see results and then return to your normal ways of eating.

ayurveda1I’m really committed to learning to eat the Ayurvedic way to clear my dark circles. I know they’re only dark circles but hey, everyone has some form of complaint about themselves.

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