Is it Important to Use Night Creams?

by on 07/10/2010

I am very particular about my organic skin care regime. I cleanse my face every morning with organic cleanser, Neals Yard or Ren, use Neals Yard Frankincense toner and at the moment I’m using Organic Pharmacy’s Rose Face Cream which feels nourishing and light.

I’ve always believed that at night your skin needs to breathe; I do cleanse the gunk away from my face which builds up during the day and apply toner to my face but sometimes I leave my skin clear without any moisturiser as the skin needs to breathe at night. I apply a light orange flower oil from Neals Yard which is very good as oils are lighter and can easily be asborbed but maybe it’s just me.

The important thing is to be in tune with what your body and your skin needs.

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