Is Nivea’s Pure Skincare range Eau Natural?

by on 02/05/2011

You may have seen the adverts and the Nivea website.

Nivea, a long-standing skincare company has got in on the act and brought out a pure and natural range to join its other high street competitors who are all cashing in on people opting to use more natural products on their skin.

Tesco, H&M and Waitrose are just a few high street stores riding on the wave of demand for natural products. So what makes Nivea’s products stand out? Well true to form, Nivea’s products are 95% natural and organic; aloe vera, burdock and argan oil are used in the pure and natural skincare range by Nivea.

But with so many organic skincare companies offering the same and a few at the top having established a reputation for being organic skincare leaders and providing their beauty buyers with the real deal, will Nivea be in for a tough challenge.

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