Is Your Skin Ready for Summer?

by on 12/04/2011

Let’s face it, our skin becomes quite sallow and dry in the winter. With summer almost upon us, it’s time to treat ourselves to a fresh, yet luxourious body scrub that will get your skin looking smooth for lounging on the beach.

Nowadays, body scrubs fill the high street. But there’s one worthy of a mention which I discovered recently at the Organic show.

Cnnan’s body scrub has a beautiful range, just on the verge of getting its Ecocert approval. I tried their mint and cucumber body scrub, which I must say, seemed almost good to eat but you can’t. It’s wholly satisfying to know that wholesome ingredients you would normally eat, you apply on your body.  Now, that’s what I call being truly natural.

If zesty mint and cucumber is not quite your bag, then you can go for more deeper textures and smell like strawberry and vanilla.  Cnaan body scrubs are also brilliant if you’re planning to have a pamper party and you want to slip little gifts into bags for your guests.

The Cnaan range is developed by a young entrepreneur who managed to get her products developed in Israel and  are the makings of nature, based on formulas and knowledge from ancient times. The curative and medicinal qualities and the aesthetics of the natural-source ingredients are the wonder of creation. This traditional healing methods and body care secrets are transformed to suit way of life and environment of modern times.

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eldeftdroda 12/04/2011 at 1:57 pm

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