Organic Face Cleansers and Toners

by on 23/09/2009

face cleansersWhen you’re starting out with organic skin care cleansers and toners, make sure you test a couple to find out what works for you. Most ranges have a tester kit, or travel kit with the essentials. Or if you are interested in trying for example, Spiezia, go along to a department store and ask if there are any testers available for you to take away and try before forking out on a range you’re not sure of.

Organic skin care cleansers are naturally kinder to your skin and protect your skin from the environment. Many products on the shelves can claim to be ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ or both. But those stating ‘natural’ on the bottle may not be organic. Similarly ‘organic’ products may not be ‘natural’. Check the skin care products for any chemicals.

Cleansers form an important part of our daily skincare routine. Creamy cleansers are more suited to dry or sensitive skin. Apply your organic cleanser on wet skin. Use a soft cotton pad and cleanse your face using gentle circular movements.

There are more water-based foaming cleansers on the market now and also very light oil-based water cleansers which may be suited to oily skin prone to spots.

Most beauty experts advise skipping applying toner on your skin. It’s true most do contain alcohol which is drying to your skin. Use a light floral spritz like rosewater, which can be sprayed lightly over the face after cleansing. Not only will it perk up and refresh your skin, your face will be prepared for the organic moisturiser, the final step in your skincare regime.

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