Organic Skin Care for Men

by on 23/09/2009

gaia_mens_newimageThe proportion of men spending money on mens’ skin care products is still comparatively small to what women spend. In Britain, the average man is likely to spend no more than £2.38 a year looking after his skin, according to a report by Mintel. However, some of our European counterparts, like the French and the Spaniards consider their facial skin care routines a little more important – the Mintel Survey found that 55 percent looked after their skin compared to 35 percent of British men.

Still, many of the big skin care companies, like Estee Lauder, Elemis and Clinique are proud to showcase their neatly packaged mens skin care and increasingly mens cosmetic ranges alongside the womens’ range of skincare products.

Similarly, organic skin care companies like Aubrey or Green People have smart, mens skin care kits including the obligatory shaving gear coupled with shower gels or skin scrubs thrown in. For men serious about moisturising their skin, there’s now plenty to choose from.

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