The growing popularity of organic skincare for men

by on 11/01/2010


I used to be loyal to an organic skincare brand. However, since my skin has become a lot drier over the years, I’ve been switching between various organic skin products; some are good and work for a while but my skin still remains dry for the most part. It is winter after all, I can’t really expect my skin to be in pristine condition with the biting winds lashing around me.

Over the weekend, I popped into Neals Yard pharmacy at the Westfield Shopping Centre and was pleasantly surprised to find an attractive young man zipping around the store excitedly asking the assistant about various skin care products for men.

When I approached the till to purchase my items, Neal’s Yard’s orange flower oil for dry skin and the almond moisturiser for sensitive skin which I can also use for dry skin, the young attractive man was there paying for his new skincare regime. He started showing what other organic products he’d bought, a green champa, completely natural incense sticks and showed them to me too. It was nice to see a young man so keen to embrace organic skincare.

When I finally arrived at the counter to pay for my purchases, the assistant starting talking about the number of men she had helped that day, buying organic skincare products for themselves – not their wives or girlfriends – but for their own use. I felt heartened by this. Organic skincare, already popular amongst women is now becoming a firm favourite with men too.

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