Organic Skincare for the Price Conscious

by on 28/01/2010

Let’s face it when you’re on a budget, you’re like a hawk when it comes to spending on organic skincare, which can’t really be classed as essentials. I suppose we can do without them when it comes to crunch and turn to making our own blissful creams based on Ayurvedic recipes, which are centuries old.

However, unless we are ladies of leisure most of the time, the thought of turning your kitchen into a laboratory forĀ  a few times may not be so appealing.

It’s always a delight when an email lands in your inbox, in my case, Spieza, offering 25% off all organic products until 8pm today. Talk about prompting you to fish out your credit card at the ready. I’ve had a look at the Spieza website and there are some good deals on there.

I need a new cleanser as I’m getting rather tired of the Neal’s Yard calendula cleanser, which is a lovely product, but I feel has run its course with me. I’ve chosen the Facial Cleanser from Spieza because it comes with a free toner. Yes I know, a further reason to spend. How often do you get something free? There are plenty of other products for those of you on a budget so do check out their website. Remember, 8pm today is the cut off time.

Spieza's organic skincare range is 25% off until 8pm today only

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