Pai Proves to be an Organic Skincare Hit

by on 29/03/2010

We often read about new organic skincare companies bringing out new products; some have modest launches and others gain a lot of publicity with glowing articles in magazines and adorn the beauty sections of tabloid newspapers.

Pai is one of those organic skincare ranges which has a growing fan base. It’s proved to be a hit with most of the beauty editors of the glossies. And with its number one vote from Grazia magazine, the Pai organic skincare range is set to go from strength to strength.

For women like us as we grow older gracefully and seek out natural organic skincare alternatives, our attention is drawn to our face and our eyes. We want to banish any frown lines or wrinkles that may appear around our eyes as we believe our eyes tell a lot about our age.

What better then to discover Pai’s Anti-Ageing Echium Eye Cream, that is brilliantly gentle on the sensitive eye area. And now we know that Echium, which is from the borage and evening primrose family, is an effective line-smoother, we are all the more wiser to those natural, organic alternatives. Pai's Anti-Ageing Solution

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Manju Malhi 05/04/2010 at 4:33 pm

Do organic products such as the Pai range have an SPF range too?

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