The Organic Pharmacy in Beverley Hills

by on 18/03/2010

The Organic Pharmacy is now gaining international status and has earned a spot in the black books of celebrities like Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Sarah Jessica Parker.

The range of Organic Pharmacy products has not only gained popularity among celebrities but also consumers who are becoming much more savvy about non-toxic problems. The Organic Pharmacy has always adhered to its principle of completely natural, organic products made from high quality organic ingredients and has gone from strength to strength for the past 12 years running.

The flagship Beverley Hills store promises an individualised service to consumers looking for a natural, organic beauty and skincare regime.

The Organic Glam range by the Organic PharmacyThere will be a full line of herbal and homeopathic formulas and the new synthetic and nasties free, Organic Glam make-up line. There’s a new Organic Glam Mascara that lengthens lashes with natural ingredients like beeswax, aloe and natural gums to make us look super glam the natural way¬† to products like Sneeze Away tincture a natural anti-histamine to reduce allergy symptoms.

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