Want to be a Sleeping Beauty?

by on 27/04/2011

There are different schools of organic skincare thought when it comes to what you apply on your face before you go to bed.

Some would say you should keep your skin clear to breathe at night because that’s when your skin repairs and rejuvenates itself. But as long as what you put on your skin is of the purest essence, I see no harm in giving your skin a helping hand whilst you sleep, particularly if your skin is of a dry complexion.

Newcomer to the organic skincare scene in the UK, the New Zealand range Antipodes has proved to be a hit with a lot of the beauty editors.

Worthy of mention is Antipodes Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream, which is a Green Beauty Bible Award winner. The message is clean skincare from the purest of sources and this is entirely believable as the ingredients are sourced from the natural environment in New Zealand.

Antipodes also have a very holistic range drawing on the ancient Indian traditions in very different bottle stylings from their main face skincare range. Nevertheless, the company which has been around for six years, prides itself on purist approach to organic skincare.

And with the beauty accolades it has already as a newcomer, Antipodes has made an impact for women (and increasingly) men who use organic skin products in their daily skincare routines.

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