What is Organic and Natural?

by on 22/08/2009

There’s a lot of confusion about what’s natural and organic. Browse the beauty counters and scour skin care shelves for a cleanser or moisturiser, and you will see so many natural promises on the labels.

The sad truth is we can’t believe what the labels say. Skincare companies can make ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ claims because currently there’s no law or formal agreed standards.organic-skin-care

Start making informed choices, avoid toxic chemicals, care for your environment and you will be making a conscious decision to live ethically and ecologically. Treat your skin well and you will look more radiant and youthful for longer.

At Organicskintreats.com, you can buy the purest, most organic skin products. Likewise, we’d like your views on organic skin care and what works for you. After all, it’s your skin so your recommendations on organic skin care products is bound to improve your well-being and your environment.

So what’s the difference between natural and organic?

Organic means products are made to organic standards and may have received some formal accreditation from bodies like the Soil Association.

Natural is more ambiguous. Any skin care product with natural on the label, should contain plant extracts, raw materials from plants or minerals and have a low amount of synthetic chemicals.

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